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Newsletter 47: Nov 14, 2011

Upcoming Seminars at Columbia
Monday, November 14
     12.10-1.30, Sch 200C (Psych Dept Cognitive Lunch)
          Malia Mason (Columbia University)
          Topic “TBA”
     2.40-3.55, Sch 200C (Psych Dept Social Snack)
          Joy McClure (Columbia University)
          Topic “TBA”
     2.30-4.00, IAB 1101 (Economic Theory Workshop)
          Konrad Mierendorff (University of Zurich)
          Optimal Dynamic Mechanism Design with Deadlines
Tuesday, November 15
     12.30-2.00, 332 Uris (Management Seminar)
          Brayden King (Kellogg)
          Topic “TBA”
     2.15-3.45, 307 Uris (Organizations and Strategy)
          Elena Krasnokutskaya (Johns Hopkins)
          "Multi-Attribute Auctions with Unobserved Heterogeneity in Supplier
          Qualities and Buyer's Tastes."
     4.15-5.45, IAB 1101 (Money Macro Seminar)
          Irina Telyukova (UC San Diego)
          Home Equity in Retirement (with Makoto Nakajima)

Wednesday, November 16
     2.10-4.00, 1101 IAB (International Economics Workshop)
          Nina Pavcnik (Dartmouth College)
          Export markets and labor reallocation: Evidence from the U.S.-Vietnam
          Bilateral Trade Agreement (with Brian McCaig)
     4.15-5.45, 1101 IAB (Applied Microeconomics)
          Brigitte Madrian (Harvard KSG)
          Topic “TBA”

Thursday, November 17
     2.15-3.45, Uris 303 (Finance Seminar)
          Andrea Eisfeldt (UCLA)
          The Joint Dynamics of Internal and External Finance (with Tyler Muir)