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Newsletter 46: November 7, 2011

Upcoming Seminars at Columbia

Monday, November 7
     2.30-4.00, IAB 1101 (Economic Theory Workshop)
          In-Uck Park (University of Bristol, U.K)
          Seller Reputation and Trust in Pre-Trade Communication (with Bruno Jullien)
Tuesday, November 8
     4.15-5.45, IAB 1101 (Money Macro Seminar)
          Ozge Akinci (Columbia University)
          “Financial Frictions and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Emerging Markets”
Wednesday, November 9
     12.30-2.00, 333 Uris (Management Seminar)
          Olav Sorenson (Yale)
          Topic “TBA”

     2.10-4.00, 1101 IAB (International Economics Workshop)
          David DeRemer (Columbia University) 
          “The Evolution of International Subsidy Rules”          
     4.10-5.30, 614 Sch (Psychology Department Colloquium Series)
          Nora Newcombe (Temple University)
          "Developing an Integrated Mind" (Host: Kevin Ochsner)
     4.15-5.45, 1101 IAB (Applied Microeconomics)
          Justin Wolfers (University of Pennsylvania)
          Topic “TBA”

Thursday, November 10
     12.30-2.00, Warren 209 (Management Seminar)
               Evan Rawley (Wharton)
          Topic “TBA”
     2.15-3.45, Uris 332 (Finance Seminar)
          Ingrid Werner (Ohio State University)
          Topic “TBA”