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Newsletter 45: Oct 31, 2011

Upcoming Seminars at Columbia
Monday, October 31
     12.10-1.30, Sch 200C (Psych Dept Cognitive Lunch)
          Elliott Wimmer (Columbia University)
          "Decision making and memory: effects of reward and choice"
     2.40-3.55, Sch 200C (Psych Dept Social Snack)
          Claudia Brumbaugh (Queens College, CUNY)
          Topic "TBA"
     2.30-4.00, IAB 1101 (Economic Theory Workshop)
          Eduardo Perez Richet (Stanford University)
          Complicating to Persuade? (with Delphine Prady)
Tuesday, November 1
     12.30-2.00, 332 Uris 332 (Management Seminar)
          Robert Bloomfield (Cornell University)
          "Build Your Own Economy: An Online Future of Experimental Economics"
     2.15-3.45, Uris 307 (IO, Organizations and Strategy)
          Francine Lafontaine (Michigan University)
          "Delegation and Pay-for-Performance: Evidence from Industrial Sales Force"
          (with Mrinal Ghosh and Desmond Ho-Fu Lo)
     4.15-5.45, IAB 1101 (Money Macro Seminar)
          Torsten Persson (Stockholm University)
          “Political Turnover and Institutional Reform”
          (with Tim Besley and Marta Reynal-Querol)

Wednesday, November 2
     2.10-4.00, 1101 IAB (International Economics Workshop)
          Jessie Handbury (Columbia University)
          Topic “TBA
     4.15-5.45, 1101 IAB (Applied Microeconomics)
          Ilyana Kuziemko (Princeton University)
          Will risk-adjustment decrease health care costs?
          New evidence from the Medicare Advantage Program
          (with Jason Brown, Mark Duggan, and William Woolston)

Thursday, November 3
     2.15-3.45, Uris 303 (Finance Seminar)
          Andrew Lo (MIT)
          The Orgin of Behavior (with Thomas Brennan)