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Newsletter 42: Oct 10, 2011

Upcoming Seminars at Columbia
Monday, October 10
     12.10-1.30, Sch 200C (Psych Dept Cognitive Lunch)
          Laura Martin (Rutgers University)
          “Emotion regulation and decision-making”
     2.30-4.00, IAB 1101 (Economic Theory Workshop)
          Takakazu Honryo (Columbia University)
          Dynamic Persuasion

     2.40-3.55, Sch 200C (Psych Dept Social Snack)
          Sally Dickerson (UC Irvine)
          Topic "TBA"
     5.45-7.15, Uris 301 (The Center for Decision Sciences)
          Daniel Kahneman (Princeton University)
          Thinking, Fast and Slow
          Requires RSVP (Wait List Only):
Tuesday, October 11
     12.30-2.00, Uris 332 (Management Seminar)
          Lamar Pierce (Olin)
          "Learning from Peers"
     2.15-3.45, Uris 307 (IO, Organizations and Strategy)
          Jisun Baek (Columbia University)
          "Did Consumers Benefit from High Speed Trains in Korea?"
     4.15-5.45, IAB 1101 (Money Macro Seminar)
          Luminita Stevens (Columbia University)
          Multi-Price Strategies under Rational Inattention
Wednesday, October 12
     12.00-1.30, 509 Knox (Social Sciences Colloquium Series)
          Fred Wherry (University of Michigan)
          "Symbolic Capital and the Transformation of the Philadelphia Barrio"
     2.10-4.00, 1101 IAB (International Economics Workshop)
          Pol Antras (Harvard University)
     4.10-5.30, 614 Sch (Psychology Department Colloquium Series)
          Martha Farah (University of Pennsylvania)
          "Socioeconomic status and brain development"
     4.15-5.45, 1101 IAB (Applied Microeconomics)
          James Sallee (Chicago-Harris School)
          Car Notches: Strategic Automaker Responses to Fuel Economy Policy
          (with Joel Slemrod)
Thursday, October 13
     2.15-3.45, Uris 303 (Finance Seminar)
          Robert Shiller (Yale University)
          Finance and the Good Society
     12.30-1.30, 551 Psychology (NYU Cognition & Perception Colloquia)
          Adam Alter (NYU)
          “Down but not Out: Financial Deprivation Prompts a Constellation of
          Restorative Responses”