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Newsletter 131: Apr 27, 2015

The Center for Decision Sciences at Columbia Business School
Welcome to the Center for Decision Sciences' Weekly Newsletter. Below you can find a list of events of interest.

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Seminars of Interest at Columbia 

Monday April 27th

12pm to 1:30pm  200 B Schermerhorn (Psychology Department Monday Seminar - Master's Talks)
Titles Not Available 

12:30pm to 1:30pm Uris 328 (Finance and Economics PhD Seminar - Aleksey Semenov)
Title Not Available 

2:30pm to 4pm Where: 1101 IAB (Economic Theory Workshop - Andrew Postlewaite)
Informational size and two-staged mechanisms

Tuesday April 28th

2:15pm to 3:45pm 1101 IAB (Industrial Organization and Strategy Seminar - Shai Bernstein (Stanford))
 The Operational Consequences of Private Equity Buyouts: Evidence from the Restaurant Industry" (with Albert Sheen)

4:15pm to 5:45pm 1101 IAB (Money Macro Seminar - Cristina Arellano)
Linkages across Sovereign Debt Markets (with Yan Bai)

Wednesday April 29th

2pm to 4pm 1101 IAB (International Economics Workshop - David Autor)
Spillover Effects from Import Competition: Evidence from U.S. Plants

Thursday Apr 30th

12:30pm to 1:30pm Uris 307 (Marketing Seminar (Cait Lamberton (Pitt)))
Title Not Available 

12:30pm to 1:30pm Uris 331 (Finance Free Lunch Seminar (Faculty Only) - Marco Di Maggio)
Title Not Available 

2:15pm to 3:45pm Uris TBA (Finance Seminar (Sumit Agarwal))
Title Not Available 

6pm to 7:30pm  207 Warren (Cognitive and Decision Seminar Series - Benedetto DeMartino (Cambridge))
Imperfect choice and the brain: confidence in value-based judgments

Friday May 1st

12:30pm to 1:45pm  TBA (Competitive Strategy Seminar - Nicholas Bloom (Stanford University))
Title Not Available 

Seminars of Interest at NYU

Tuesday April 28th 

2:30pm to 4pm 
19 West 4th Street, Room 517 (Neuroeconomics Colloquium - Michael Shadlen (Columbia University
Believing and time. Decision confidence as an evolving attribute 

Wednesday April 29th 

12pm - 1pm Jacobs Conference Room at CUSP/Metrotech (Okan Azmak Seminar)
Title Not Available

Thursday April 30th

11am to 12pm  Smilow Seminar Room (
Psychiatry Grand Round Talks - Dennis Popeo (NYU Langone))
ECT at Bellevue: the Next Generation

12:30pm to 1:30pm Economics Department Room 517 (CESS Experimental Economics Seminar - John Kagel (Ohio State) )
Team vs Individual play in finitely repeated prisoner dilemma games

News Article of the Week
The problem with Earth Day? Human psychology
While Earth Day is influential in the short term for environmental friendly behaviors, it does not instill long-term changes in behavior. The problem is not earth day, but the psychology of habits: humans fall back into what they're used to. Elke Weber, Center for Decision Sciences, discusses how Earth Day should be used as a tool to leverage long-term change. She states that it is important for us to change defaults; environmental choices are something you have to opt into it - making them less likely to be chosen. 


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