DEEP Software

How it works

Add DEEP to your survey

Data analysis

Download your data

  1. Click the "View Results" tab and view your survey.
  2. Click the "Download Data" button.
  3. Select CSV and download.

  1. Go to your survey. On the menu bar, click "Responses and Statistics" with the pie chart icon.
  2. Then, click the "Export results to application" on the menu with the database icon.
  3. For the format, select "CSV" (not "CSV with all answers part").
  4. Click "Export Data".

You'll see that all of the DEEP data is compacted into a single column. This is normal. The DEEP R package transforms the data to the proper format.

Analyzing your data

The DEEP  R package is no longer available/recommended. A new tool will be available in the future. Updates to come. Thank you for your patience. 

Please remember that the DEEP license requires you to use cite the paper below for purposes of publication: Toubia, O., Johnson, E., Evgeniou, T., & Delquie, P. (2013) 'Dynamic experiments for estimating preferences: An adaptive method of eliciting time and risk parameters.' Management Science, 59(3), 613-640.

Getting help

If you have any issues or have comments with DEEP, we're here to help. Email