Legacy DEEP

Thank you for your interest in using DEEP! Please consider the following information before submitting your request. 

There are two ways of executing DEEP for research: 
  • Qualtrics: this is best for stand alone DEEP studies. 
  • PHP: this is great for integrating DEEP within a study with several different tasks and surveys. 
Within each form, there are two different versions of DEEP you can use depending on your needs: 
  • Time Preference or Quasi-Hyperbolic Time Discounting 
    • Lower β = Stronger present bias
    • Higher r (delta) = Higher discounting rate (daily) 
    • Click Here for a demo of the DEEP time
  • Risk Preference 
    • Higher α = Less probability transformation
    • Lower σ = More curvature in the value/utility function (linear utility σ=1)
    • Higher λ = Higher Loss aversion
    • Click Here for a demo of the DEEP Risk 
For both versions of DEEP, the time will vary from a few to several minutes depending on the number of questions. The Legacy version uses PHP, and this can range from 4 to 20 questions, but it must be an even number. 

Contact Us

If you'd like to use Legacy Deep, 
email both brian@decisionsciences.columbia.edu and shannon@decisionsciences.columbia.edu